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Featured Shop: BeLuliDesigns

Share a little about yourself … what makes you you?

Festive Christmas Advent Calendar by
Festive Christmas Advent Calendar by BeluliDesigns

My name is Bec & I am happily married with two gorgeous boys under 4. My style is unique & I have worked in the fashion industry for about 13 years & love it! My favourite time of year is Christmas & I love to immerse myself in the spirit of this magical time. One of my favourite items to create is my Christmas Advent Calendar & I was overjoyed when I sold two of them last year! I also Captain my own team on Etsy & a couple of Australian Wahdarrah team members are members.
What inspired you to create your business and how long have you been trading for?

I am self taught & was inspired to begin sewing after the birth of my first son. I was actually at some markets in Bright, Victoria & got the final inspiration there & began sewing. I opened my Etsy shop a couple of years later, on 6th December 2013.
Why did you choose the name you did for your business?

BeLuli comprises my first two initials, then my husbands & then my first son. I wanted a unique name that stood out & reflected the inspiration my son gave me & the wonderful support of my husband.


Retro Fabric Handbag by BeluliDesigns
Retro Fabric Handbag by BeluliDesigns

What do you sell and what sets them apart from other similar items on the market?

I create items for babies, toddlers & women. I guess mine have that retro, unique, made with lots of love appeal. I also have a friend, Nadia, who creates items & sells them in my shop too. We have very similar taste in fabrics & it was a ‘no brainer’ when I saw her work, to invite her to sell in my store.
If you could achieve anything you could imagine what would your greatest dream for your business be?

To have more time to create all the ideas I have in my head! I would like to just have continuous sales & get my brand out there. I would like to employ help in the future. I really believe I’ll get to that stage, it’ll just take some time & a lot of dedication.
Where do you work on your business, and what platforms are you using to sell from (both online or offline)?

I have a fabulous sewing room, with a huge trestle for cutting & I’m slowly hanging wall art that is inspirational, so when I’m in there I remain focused on the end goal. I sell on Etsy exclusively & love it! I would like to sell at markets however 90% of my products are custom made so I don’t have enough product to warrant a stall at a market.


Large Hessian Tote Bag by BeluliDesigns
Large Hessian Tote Bag by BeluliDesigns

If you were starting again now what would you do differently?

As I’m a relatively new shop I can’t really say I would do anything differently. Maybe I would have created my team earlier, One Treasury Team, however, I was learning all about Etsy & teams for about the first six months of opening so I’m happy with the timing of everything.
What is the most useful thing you have learned?

Creating ‘Treasuries’, how I love to curate!! The amount of exposure I have received due to creating treasuries is priceless.
Apart from your shop, what else inspires you?

My children inspire me, fantastic fabrics also inspire me. I often buy the fabric & not have a clue as to what it will end up as. My husband also comes up with some great ideas & I run with those a lot!
If you could inspire the world with a quote, what would it be?

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you have imagined!
Where can we find out more about your business?

Through my Etsy shop: www.etsy.com/au/shop/BeLuliDesigns
Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/belulidesigns
Blog: belulidesigns.wordpress.com/etsy-treasuries-2/


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