Handmade and Small Business

Getting to know the people you buy from – Why Shopping with hand-makers and small business makes sense.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I’m standing in a big-box retail store/supermarket I take a moment to look around and see how staff and customers interact, and how staff interact with each other. A lot of the time this correlates to how the business is going (speaking from personal experience anyway).

The staff are polite, but quick to serve and quicker to leave and move onto the next thing on their list which is usually more than they can do in one shift. Unfortunately this is just the way big box retail expect their staff to act… and it’s hard to build relationships with these customers unless you see them every week.

That’s one of the best things about buying from a small business, especially sellers on sites like Etsy… you can forge a relationship with the people you buy from. It’s as simple as looking down the menu to the left hand side of the shop you’re in whilst on Etsy, and hitting the “About” link that’s usually under the seller’s name. You can then see what makes them tick and how you are helping them be the best that they can be!

Personally, one of my favourite things as a seller is getting an email from a customer with a story of how the print they ordered was loved by the recipient. I treasure the feedback given, and I absolutely love connecting with my customers through my social media channels. I know every seller out there loves the same things too, it’s half the reason why we all do what we do!

By buying from a small business you are forging a relationship with another person who is genuinely interested and excited that you chose to buy from them. Every small business puts their heart and soul into what they create, so buying from them gives the strength to keep going when the days are a little harder. You’re supporting families, not lining the pockets of large corporations. You’re helping parents pay for education, clothing and essential items for their kids, students putting themselves through University, older people save for their retirement… there are so many things to list I could be here all night.

YOU are the reason why these sellers keep on selling. You support and encourage them by purchasing and that keeps them going.

So go on, get to know your favourite hand-makers and small business owners, you’ll find it rewarding!


(Kelly is the owner of Colourscape Studios, a shop filled with inspirational and home decor prints and illustrations. When she’s not working on all things Colourscape, she’s busy with things on the Wandarrah’s team  or more often than not, chasing down a nearly 3 year old daughter who can’t sit still)


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