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Featured Shop: EcoThreadCo

Today we chat with Tereza from EcoThreadCo.

Share a little about yourself … what makes you you?

One of a kind upholstered bag by EcoThreadCo
One of a kind upholstered bag by EcoThreadCo

I was born in the Czech Republic but for the last five years I have lived in South East Tasmania. I love Australia and Tas. especially! Living here has opened my eyes in so many ways. I found and studied permaculture and fell in love with it and I also gained a passion for sewing and crafts thanks to all the little craft markets popping up everywhere! I am a lover of animals and passionate about things natural.

What inspired you to create your business and how long have you been trading for?

It all started with a school bag I made for myself from a pleated skirt and a leather belt from the tip shop. I studied fashion design for a year and in June I decided to join my passion for sewing with my love for op-shopping and up cycling and open an Etsy store.

Why did you choose the name you did for your business?

The name Eco Thread Company is kind of self-explanatory but the abbreviation “etc.” has a nice ring to it as well… It was actually my partner who came up with the name!

What do you sell and what sets them apart from other similar items on the market?

Clutch purse featuring upcycled fabric by EcoThreadCo
Clutch purse featuring upcycled fabric by EcoThreadCo

I make one-of-a-kind bags and pouches made from up cycled clothes, fabric remnants and leather belts. There are quite a few people out there using various up cycled materials like rubber inner tubes or fire hoses and turning them into eco friendly products/bags but I haven’t really seen anyone just using un-picked clothing and fabric remnants as it is quite a time consuming way of getting your material…

If you could achieve anything you could imagine what would your greatest dream for your business be?

My ambitions are very humble…I would be over the moon if I could turn this into my full time job as doing something you love for a living is surely the best job in the world!

Where do you work on your business, and what platforms are you using to sell from (both online or offline)?

My first ever sale was to a local home decor shop in Hobart. I haven’t tried

Upcycled Weekender Bag by EcoThreadCo
Upcycled Weekender Bag by EcoThreadCo

any other stores yet but I have gone to a couple of markets and also have some bags in a “pop up shop” at a hair dressing salon. I make everything in my home studio.

If you were starting again now what would you do differently?

I would’ve spent a lot more time observing other Etsy shops and getting some tips on photography so I wouldn’t have to re-do them so many times…:)

What is the most useful thing you have learned?

That the competition out there is pretty incredible and that it takes a lot of time and effort to get your name there…so be patient and keep working on it!

Apart from your shop, what else inspires you?
I am a big greenie and nature will always be my biggest inspiration.

If you could inspire the world with a quote, what would it be?

Upcycled Across Chest / Shoulder Bag by EcoThreadCo
Upcycled Across Chest / Shoulder Bag by EcoThreadCo

If not us then whom?
If not now then when?

Where can we find out more about your business?
On the about page of my Etsy shop: www.ecothreadco.etsy.com
Or find me on instagram: eco_thread_co


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