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International Day for Biological Diversity is 22nd May

International Day for Biological Diversity is today, 22nd May, and some Australian Wandarrah team members shared some products from their Etsy stores related to animals, plants, nature, and other biological interpretations…. visit their stores and celebrate by spoiling yourself (or others) with something new for Biological Diversity Day.

Anita from EchidnaArtandCards has lots of nature related items. Anita shares the story behind this product:

We were visiting Denmark in Western Australia. At the B & B we stayed at, there was a pond outside, and the owners decorated the rooms with frog posters and frog themed items.

At night, we heard so many different frog calls it was like a symphony! We tried to identify the sounds from the descriptions on a poster.

The next morning as we were leaving, we saw this frog in the pond, floating motionless! We were not sure if it was alive at first! Thankfully it was! It was just posing for a photograph. We checked on the poster again to find out that it was a motorbike frog, found in South western Australia and the male’s mating calls sound like a motorcycle changing gears apparently.


D from EbonyShae loves nature, and nearly all the items in her store are inspired by animals.

D says: My father was a fisheries and wildlife officer when I was a kid. It was pretty normal for us to have rescued ring tail possums living in the frying pan in the kitchen, or baby sugar glider possums in the laundry – who loved escaping and ‘tshing’ (telling you off) when you needed to go to the toilet in the middle of the night!

I remember sneaking out of bed at night and picking up the possums, taking them back to my bed and playing with them there. (Dad had explained to me that I wasn’t allowed to play with them during the day because they were nocturnal – it was therefore logical for a kid to assume that meant it was fine to play with them at night……Never mind that I was meant to be sleeping).

I even took a snake that was found in the bananas at the local Woolworths to show and tell one time after Dad and I picked it up. We got to keep the bananas too!


Anna from AnnaCullArt paints landscapes of the Australian landscape, both realist and abstract.

Anna’s painting ‘Fly By’ is based the quintessential Australian bird, the Galah. It was painted from a photograph she took just north of Melbourne on her Christmas holidays. According to Anna “Who isn’t inspired by nature?!”


Jules from JulesReadJewellery makes jewellery which is beyond ornamental and also encompasses a message. These stud earrings were made ethically from recycled sterling silver. They are inspired by Autumn & the beautiful Australian bush. Each pair of earrings she makes is made individually, so are as unique in nature.


Nichelle from FoxHillLlamas makes unique, handmade llama fibre vessels and homewares, bird nesters, llama poo paper, llama fibre paper, handmade recycled paper and more.

Her llama fibre products are made with the fibre from her own llamas. They are entirely home grown and colours depend on the natural colours of the animals.

All botanicals used in the paper is from Nichelle’s home gardens. The paper is sun and air dried.

These products are truly home grown and handmade from start to finish.


As you can see there are some great and diverse gift ideas here, so visit these unique stores and celebrate International biodiversity day!


4 thoughts on “International Day for Biological Diversity is 22nd May

  1. I would love to adapt life from the wilderness & experience the insights of nature,that would be the best graphy in my life to study the Geo practically & in different ways.


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