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The Wandarrah’s Craft Party – Supplies you’ll need and Info

Hello lovelies!

Craft party is only a week away! I can’t wait for you guys to come and enjoy the fun we’ve got lined up throughout the day on June 6th 😀

Tonight’s post is to give you some early warning on the things you’ll need to start saving up around the house for the upcycled crafts:

Dawn from DeeDeeDeesigns will be starting us off with her upcycled plastic bottle jewellery and you’ll need the following items to create along with her on the day:


craft knife/scalpel
PVA/craft glue
shallow dish for PVA
container of water
(for the above two I use a takeaway container – I use the lid for the PVA & the base for the water)
stiff bristled paint brushes – a range of small to medium sizes
varnish – acrylic, spray, polyurethane
plastic bottles – a range of sizes and textures

ND a SELECTION of coloured paper, tissue paper, paper doilies, gift paper, stamps, calendars, maps, greeting cards, original drawings, children’s drawings, photocopies (not inkjet prints as they may run) and anything else you may think of!

Optional Adornments

wool offcuts
embroidery cotton offcuts

At lunch you’ll be with Kelly from Colourscape Studios where we’ll create a desk/storage caddy! You’ll need the following items to join in:

Paper components:

A small box (size and shape dependent on what size you want it to be)
Cardboard tubes (eg: toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls etc)
Paper to decorate: old gift wrap, tissue paper, catalogues etc


Craft Glue
Paint Brush (to spread the glue out evenly)
Craft knife
Ruler and pencil

Optional Extras:

Washi tape
Embellishments such as stickers, buttons, paper embellishments, glitter, stick on crystals etc
Acrylic Paint and brushes

Kaz from kazzycaboodles is sharing two fantastic earring jewellery tutorial, and you’ll need the following items:

* Paper stud earrings


Small piece of thick cardboard
Scrap paper of your choice (this could be old book pages, newspaper, scrapbooking paper)
A circle paper punch (or a template that you wish to use e.g. star shape, square etc)
Scissors (if not using a paper punch)
Mod podge or pva glue
2x earring posts and 2x rubber stoppers
Two-part epoxy resin or other high strength glue (e.g. E6000)

* Wire and paper drop earrings

2x hook earring findings and 2x rubber stoppers
Wire of your choice of gauge (thicker is firmer)
Wire cutters
Jewelry pliers
Paper of your choice (this could be old book pages, newspaper, scrapbooking paper etc)
Lead pencil
Mod podge, resin or pva glue
Additional embellishments (such as seed beads, glitter, buttons etc) to place within your shape

Kaz also has kits for her tutorial up in her shop that you can purchase, which you can find here:

Get onto these quickly so you can receive them in time for the Party!

We are also sharing the Etsy official craft for the day, which is the paper weaved art piece and for that you’ll need:

• Photos of your choice, blown up and printed on A4 paper
• Paper weaving templates (which are on the pdf we’ll share on the day)
• Scissors
• 4 small bulldog clips
• Sticky tape
• Glue stick (not pictured)
• Optional: ribbon, yarn, coloured paper or fabric

Lastly, we’ve also got some paper weaving for the kids lined up, and for that you’ll need:
* PAPER WEAVING Cutting Template (supplied on the day)
* Colored Paper
* Old Magazines, crepe paper, newspaper but into strips
* Exacto/Stanley knife and Ruler

Throughout the day we’ll be be doing giveaways, in a simple Q&A format. First in with the correct answer wins (limited to one prize per person). There are some wonderful prizes up for grabs, including art from Christine of ARTDECANDENCE, crochet goodies from Meg of TigsTogs and gift vouchers for several stores!

Our official hashtag for the event is going to #auswandarrahcraftparty which can be used side by side with Etsy’s official hashtag of #craftparty. Use them on any social media you’d like, we’ll be sharing them on the blog a couple of times during the day so everyone can see what you’re up to!

We can’t wait for you to join us for the party here on the blog next weekend! It’ll all kick off at 9am AEST (8:30am for ACST and 7am AWST)


3 thoughts on “The Wandarrah’s Craft Party – Supplies you’ll need and Info

  1. Hi Kelly, I can’t wait it looks great! The weaving templates are they to be printed out? If they are could we have them earlier as I don’t have a printer at home, and would have to go to the library during the week. Or perhaps they don’t need printing? I think my daughter will be leading me in this craft party!!


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