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Craft Party – My Paper Planet tutorials

Good morning friends!

Mara from My Paper Planet will be adding some tutorials to her blog for this weekend for some extra paper fun!

Here is what you’ll need to craft along with Mara 😀

Cupcake liner flowers:

Coloured cupcake liners (6 per flower) in the size of your choice
Button or embellishment to use as centre
Glue or hot glue gun

Paint chip mini boxes:

Paint chips (grab a handful from the hardware shop!)
Glue or double sided tape
Ruler and scoring tool (a ballpoint pen can be used on the inside if you don’t have a scoring tool)

Paper Rosettes:

Strips of paper – coloured printer paper, patterned, newspaper, wrapping paper, scrapbook papers, not too flimsy. Strips basically need to be approx 4 times longer than they are wide, so if they are 5cm wide, need to be 20cm long.
Ruler and scoring tool helps make it neat, but can be folded without it
Glue/hot glue gun
2 small circles of paper or cardstock
embellishments (optional)

We’ll be linking across to her blog at 11:30am AEST before we head into lunch.

You can find the list of supplies for the tutorials from Dawn, Kelly and Kaz here.

Have a fantastic day, and we can’t wait to see you at the Party this weekend!


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