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Australian Wandarrah Craft Party 2015 – Kaleidoscope: Paper Taking Shape

Welcome to Australian Wandarrah’s Craft Party for 2015!

We have lots of exciting projects to share with you today, along with some wonderful prizes to win and some great discounts at some of our Australian and New Zealand Etsy shops.

And the best bit is you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home … no need to get dressed up or look for parking.

Some of our lovely team members have been busy putting together some tutorials to share with you throughout the day, so grab a cuppa, a comfy seat, a double chocolate chip and raspberry muffin or that box of expensive chocolates you have been hiding from the kids and let’s get started …

First up you need to grab your Bingo Card here. Download it and print it out and as you complete various activities cross off that square on any of the bingo cards. Once you get 3 in a row in any direction on any card call “Bingo” in a comment here and tell us which 3 activities you completed. The first person to get a Bingo wins a $20 gift voucher at DeeDeeDesigns!

At 10.00am Dawn from DeeDeeDesigns will be leading a tutorial on Upcycled Jewellery Making.

Make sure you are here at 11.00am as we will be asking our first Competition Question and the winner will receive a $20 Gift Voucher from PinkNeonVintage.

At 11.15am we will have some links to some great crafts on Pinterest.

Don’t miss some more great tutorials at 11.30am from Mara at MyPaperPlanetCrafts.

Our second Competition Question will be at 12.00noon and the winner will receive a beautiful A3 print from Christine at ARTDECADENCE.

There will be an important message at 12.15pm.

12.30pm will herald the amazing Kelly from ColourscapeStudios with her Desk Caddy Tutorial.

Competition Question #3 will be at 1.30pm and the winner will receive another amazing prize which is a secret.

Try out the Etsy Paper Weaving Art print tutorial at 1.45pm

Make sure you are here at 2.45pm for Competition Question #4. The winner will receive a $10 voucher from Katrina at BygoneAllure.

At 3.00pm we have something for the kids…. Paper Weaving.

The first correct answer to Competition Question #5 at 3.30pm will win you a fabulous prize pack from Meg at TigsTogs.

Don’t miss the Earring Tutorial at 4.00pm with Kaz from KazzyCaboodles.

We’ll finish up at 5.00pm but don’t miss the goodbyes as you never know what else might happen before we wind up.

Did I mention I’ll be posting pictures throughout the day of the amazing jigsaw pieces that team members have been making for our Australian Wandarrah Craft Party Challenge? I’ve been blown away by the creativity of our members.

There might even be some “In Your Seat” prizes throughout the day so watch out for those too!

If you are posting on social media about the craft party … and hopefully you will … please include the hashtags #auswandarrahcraftparty, #craftparty and #etsy

So grab your Bingo Cards and your cuppa and prepare for a busy day.

Whilst you are waiting for the first tutorial you might like to watch some tutorials on collage techniques that I have found:

Try mixed media collage:

or make vintage mixed media art with fabric and paper:

…another mixed media collage tecnique:

… how about an art journal:



2 thoughts on “Australian Wandarrah Craft Party 2015 – Kaleidoscope: Paper Taking Shape

  1. Having the weird echo that it’s entirely possible I could be somewhat related to the artist in the last video. My mum’s side is all Dutch, and the name is a bit familiar. I can’t pin down actual connections because I don’t know names all that well. But it’s a sweet happenstance. Thanks for kicking things off, I’m looking forward to today.


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