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Australian Wandarrah Craft Party – Paper Earring Tutorials by Kazzycaboodles

Tutorial #1: Paper & Cardboard Stud Earrings

This tutorial has been adapted from the awesomely talented Jewelry Tutorial Headquarters. The link to the instructional video is available here: DIY Paper Stud Earrings

I love that these earrings utilise recycling / repurposing and are so easy to make.


  • A small piece of cardboard (I prefer cereal box cardboard)
  • Scrap paper of your choice (this could include old book pages, scrapbooking paper etc)
  • A circle paper punch (or a template that you wish to use)
  • Scissors (if not using a paper punch)
  • Mod podge / PVA glue
  • Toothpick
  • Sandpaper
  • 2x 10mm earring posts and 2x silicone stoppers
  • Two part epoxy resin or other high strength glue (e.g. E6000)
  • Blutack


  1. Stick your selected paper to the piece of thick cardboard using mod
    podge or pva glue and set aside to dry for approximately 10-15 minutes
  2. Using a shape of your choice carefully draw the shape on the top of the paper and cut with a pair of scissors. Alternatively you can use a paper punch if you have one handy
  3. Coat the back of the cardboard shapes with mod podge and set aside until dry (approx 30 mins)
  4. Carefully sand the pad of the earring with a piece of sandpaper. This ensures that the two part epoxy resin (or E6000) can adhere
  5. Apply two part epoxy resin to the pads of the earring findings and place on the back of the patterned cardboard shape (leave to dry for approximately 10 minutes)
  6. Coat the edges of the cardboard and surface of the cardboard with mod podge and set aside to dry.

If you would like a neat doming effect for the surface of your earrings you can apply doming resin to the top. Additionally you can add extra embellishments such as cabochons (such as what I’ve done to mine).

You can also use nail polish to achieve a glittery effect to the raw cardboard instead of using scrap paper too. Just apply two coats of nail polish onto cardboard (use the blutack to stick the shapes to a surface to prevent nail polish spills) and put aside to dry.

Pic1  Pic4

pic3  pic5

pic6  pic7

pic8  pic9

Tutorial #2: Wire & Paper Hook Earrings

I am always in awe of the multitude of DIY activities that can be found on Pinterest. This tutorial has been adapted from this wonderful tutorial created by Snapping Monsters. You can find the tutorial here.


  • 2x hook earring findings and 2x rubber stoppers
  • 2x jump rings
  • Wire of your choice of gauge (thicker has a stronger hold
  • Wire cutters
  • Round nose pliers
  • Paper of your choice (this could be old book pages, newspaper, scrapbooking paper etc) – I used tissue paper
  • Lead pencil
  • Mod podge, resin or pva glue
  • Additional embellishments (such as seed beads, glitter, buttons etc) to place within your shape


  1. Decide on what shape you would like to create (for example a circle or oval)
  2. Bend your wire to form this shape and finish off the shape by looping the wire around itself at the top with approx 1cm overhang to create a loop to attach to your earrings
  3. Using your wire as the template place the wire over your paper and draw around the outside of the shape usin a lead pencil
  4. Cut out the shape and apply any effects that you desire, such as using ink, stamps and glitter and set aside to dry
  5. Prepare your mod podge (or pva glue) and coat the paper in it, make sure the paper is evenly coated and attached to the back of the wire
  6. Place the piece of paper over your wire outline and set aside to dry
  7. Once dry tidy up the edges carefully using a small pair of scissors
  8. Form a loop at the top of your shape so that it forms a jump ring to attach to the earring finding. Using your pliers close the loop so that it doesn’t undo. You can attach directly or use a jump ring for a more dangly effect. Also if your earrings don’t face the right way just twist the loop at the top of your shape to suit.

TIP: Experiment with beads, glitter and other findings by gluing them into the inside of the shape.

pic1  PIC2




Have fun everyone and I can’t wait to see what you come up with! 🙂

xxx Kaz


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