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Hiya everyone!

Welcome to your next hands on crafting for today 😀 This is the desk caddy tutorial, and you’ll need to have the following items handy to create your caddy.

* A small box (size and shape dependent on what size you want it to be)
* Cardboard tubes (eg: toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls etc)
* Craft Glue (Clag works brilliantly)
* Paint Brush (to spread the glue out evenly)
* Scissors
* Craft knife
* Ruler and pencil
* Paper to decorate: gift wrap, tissue paper, catalogues etc

*** Optional Extras ***

* Washi tape
* Embellishments such as stickers, buttons, paper embellishments, glitter, stick on crystals etc
* Acrylic Paint and brushes

So let’s get started!

1. First thing you need to do is decide on how high you want your caddy to be. Take your ruler and pencil, then measure from the bottom of the box up to your desired height. Make a mark with your pencil and continue to do this on each side of the box until you reach your starting point. Use your ruler to draw a line from point to point, giving you your cutting line. Grab your scissors and cut along the lines. You’ll end up with a box looking somewhat like this:

Craft Party Caddy 2

2. Take your cardboard rolls, measure from the bottom up to your desired height, then cut those as well. If you’d like a few shorter ones for smaller items (such as rolls of twine or mini pencils), do that here.

Craft Party Caddy 3

3. Once all your tubes are cut, position them inside your box the way you’d like to arrange them.

Craft Party Caddy 4

4. Once you’re happy with the positioning, glue the tubes together, but don’t glue them to the bottom or inner sides of your box yet. Put your tubes to the side to dry together.

Craft Party Caddy 5

5. Then it’s time to decorate your box! I had a couple of test prints laying about which I thought would look perfect but you can use anything from old book pages to gift wrap, tissue paper. If you decide you’d like to paint it, go for it! All I’ve done here is cut the sheets of paper down, glued them to the sides, leaving a small edge hanging over the top and bottom so I could fold those neatly over. Don’t forget to corner trim if you do it this way! I’ve then finished the inside of the box off with washi tape around the papers edge. Leave the box to dry once you’re done decorating.

Craft Party Caddy 10 6. Once your box is dry, insert your cardboard tubes back into your caddy. It’s up to you whether to glue them in or not, not gluing them in gives you flexibility if you want to change the inserts later on 🙂

Craft Party Caddy

That’s it! Find a home for your gorgeous new caddy and fill it up with all your goodies 😀


About your tutorial writer: Kelly from Colourscape Studios creates typography, photography and illustrated prints that are fun, colourful, inspiring and sometimes a little bit cheeky. She’s a Mum to a very active 3 year old, bakes a lot and loves to get out and photograph the world around her. All year round you’ll find her near a beach. For today only until midnight AEST you can get 10% off in her Etsy store by using the coupon code CraftParty10.



  1. This is so cool!!! Thanks so much for creating a brilliant tutorial Kelly. I will definitely be making several of these once my hand gets better. Also I have a new 2 metre table to organise stuff on! 🙂


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