Craft Party · Giveaway

Craft Party Competition Time #1

Here’s your first competition question of the day!

All you need to do is answer this simple question and you’ll win a $20 gift voucher to use in Pink Neon Vintage‘s Etsy store.

How many collections do the Wandarrah’s have on the Shop Australia/NZ team page? 

First in with the correct answer wins! Good luck 😀


(I have always been fascinated with the secret life of objects know where they have been & what they have seen, who has loved and cared for them or how they came to be lost and neglected. With Pink Neon Vintage, I’m able to find treasures, then re-home them with people who find a connection with the piece. My shop is stocked with a mix of things from my own collections and also an ever changing array of unique things that catch my eye or my heart, it is my dream business. ~ Sue of Pink Neon Vintage) Sue is offering all Craft Party attendee’s 20% off in her store for today only using the coupon code WANDARRAHSFRIEND


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