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Craft Party – Team Jigsaw Challenge

Over the past few weeks members of the Australian Wandarrah Team have been participating in a Jigsaw Challenge.

The idea is that those participating download the Jigsaw Piece Template, print it out at actual size and then use one of the pieces as a template to make a jigsaw piece that exact shape and size decorated however they choose. There are so many possibilities for what you can do. I have been blown away by the creativity so far!

Participants generally decorate them in a way that reflects who they are and what they do. Those that sew have created some amazing creations from fabric, some with felt. Some of the artists have painted scenes on the piece. Some have used paper piecing or weaving techniques, others mixed media collage and even creations in metal.

When the pieces are finished participants send me a picture so I can share them on the blog. Then they send the piece to me via the post with a stamped, self addressed envelope so that I can send them back a random piece after I have assembled all the finished pieces into one giant jigsaw puzzle!

I’m sure it will be amazing … I can’t wait to see them all together. I’ll show you all on the blog in a few weeks time.

Let me share some of the amazing creations so far:

Sachi from Dabishoo created three amazing pieces with fabric scraps:


Anna from AnnaCullArt painted a beautiful scene on her jigsaw piece:

Anna Cull Craft Mountain puzzle piece 2015

Christine from ARTDECADENCE used mixed media for hers:


Chris from ChrysArtGlass has made one with wool and embroidered and beaded it:


Cate from CheekyMareAustralia made hers from fabric and quilted it:


Jenny from Freeasabyrd did a charcoal sketch on hers:


Meg from TigsTogs made hers out of wool and buttons:


Sue from PinkNeonVintage made hers with a vintage photo:


Sandra from 20FourAcres made hers from quilted fabric:


Anita from EchidnaArtandCards made hers using paper weaving:


Jules from JulesReadJewellery made an amazing piece out of a sheet of metal. I’ll post about how she made it later today:


Pixie from  WhimsicalPixies made this beautiful piece:


Dawn from DeeDeeDesigns made hers with paper wrapping:


Cat from MustHaveBeenTheCat made hers from felt:


Join in the fun and creativity and create a jigsaw piece for the Team Jigsaw Challenge … its not too late!

Let your imaginations run wild and see what you can come up with.

If you finish your piece today send me a pic and I’ll upload it to the blog. Otherwise you can work on it over the next few weeks. Please get your pictures and pieces to me by the 20th June (I’ll upload your pics to the blog then). If you are in NZ I’ll post your random piece when I’m in NZ in early July.

You can download the template here and start creating.

Looking forward to seeing your creations!


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