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Wandarrah Winter Warmers

It has be such a cold winter so far with snow in Tassie and even WA teamies saying it is chilly…

Although it is the last few days of Winter here in Australia, it is still pretty cold so I asked fellow Wandarrahs what theyย have in their stores to warm us up?

Here’s what they said ๐Ÿ™‚

I love the warmth, softness and subtle blue shades in this hand knitted scarf. Unisex and long, with a charming silver metallic thread for a touch of bling to brighten a cold winter’s day!


So soft warm and comfortable.
I just love getting home and into my felted slippers.
As does everyone I have made a pair for.


this silk and wool scarf has a very classic style and can be worn by either sex..


Keep baby warm and snug in this cuddle cocoon or swaddle wrap.


I love the classic unisex styling and softness of the alpaca blend blend wool in these gloves….I also love that I found a picture of myself that I’m not embarrassed by ๐Ÿ˜‰


Thick, woolly and a warm sunny colour for when it’s not.


Sandra from 20FourAcres says

This throw blanket is wonderfully rich with a lovely sheen to the merino yarn. It has been knitted with a double strand so you can feel the lovely heavy warmth ๐Ÿ™‚


A great way to warm up is to have a nice cup of hot tea and a freshly baked scone. If your teapot has seen better days cover it with an insulated tea cosy.
Not only does it look pretty but it keeps your tea steaming hot!


Sarah from EdenKitsch says

Put that tea cosy on this one Robyn! Nothing beats a hot cuppa on a cold day! It was snowing on the beach here in Hobart earlier in the week & big frosts this morning … brrrrr!
Anyhoo, this is a vintage teapot, made by Swan during the 1940s. It is made from silver hammered aluminum and holds around 6 cups. It has a bakelite handle & knob. Polly put the Kettle on!!


Penelope from FourLittleButtons says
Super warm organic jersey knit cotton. Roomy, comfy and warm and cute. What more does she need.


Meg from TigsTogs says
This new, chunky ribbed beanie with a pom pom looks knitted but is actually crocheted. I’ve just started making them and four have been “acquired” by the grown up “kids” so it seems to suit men and women. The wool/ alpaca blend yarn is sure to keep your head warm on the coldest of days. Currently available in black, beige, red, blue and light grey.


This pretty copper cameo pin is sure to add a touch of classic vintage warmth to your outfit!


The Firewood Sling and you will carry a tonne of wood this winter, which gives you 2 ways to keep warm!


My solution to stay warm.
go to the yarn store and I buy all the yarns to knit a blanket (that I would probably never finish by summer)


Ina from InaSudjana says

I drink my coffee or tea to keep me warm… And to place my mug on a warm-coloured coaster does warm me up inside indeed. Bring on the summer plants! Bring on the cacti! ๐Ÿ™‚


Fiona Langtry from MadeforYOUbyFi says
Earlier in the year, a crochet designer called Glamour4You won the ‘Design Wars’ with a design called the ‘Braided Glam Peacoat’. I loved the pattern, so I bought it and made a version for my daughter. I didn’t make any more, because I had orders etc to concentrate on. I then had a good friend ask me if I could make a version of it to cover her ‘baby bump’. The result – a warm, cozy and stylish coat for those expecting a little one.


Peta from petrafanella says

I have always had a love of polka dots – I love anything retro – to me this colour combination is a classic.

il_570xN.814658104_rwzj (1)

Mallori Packer from MGPCreations saysIt can be very hard to keep the little ones night a toasty warm during these cold days and nights!
This beanie and booties set is super soft and will warm them up very quickly while they still look super adorable!


WInter time is a great time to cozy up and do some journaling. This chooks journal makes a happy gardening journal, plan ahead for spring planting.


Taken in the heart of Australia, this photograph with its red earth tones of the outback, brings warmth into one’s home interior.


WOWSA!! What an abundance of winter inspiration!!

Be sure to visit these wandarrah stores and show your love – maybe even BUY some fabulous gift for loved ones – or yourself!


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