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National Bird Week – Monday 19 October and Sunday 25 October

Last week was National Bird Week 2015, Monday 19 October and Sunday 25 October.

The celebration of National Bird Week has its origins back in the early 1900s when 28 October was first designated by the Royal Australasian Ornithologists Union as the first ‘Bird Day’. BirdLife Australia organises and promotes Bird Week with the goal of inspiring Australians to take action and get involved in bird conservation efforts.

I asked Australian Wandarrah team mates if they had any items related to birds or bird conservation …. and here is what they had to say:

The fairy wren is one of my favorite birds as it’s actually hopped into my home a number of times when I’ve needed cheering up. I was very ill at one stage when I lived in Brisbane and the wrens would often hop into my bedroom and give me the eye, as if to say, ‘It’s going to be okay; the Universe is looking out for you’ then out they’d go again! And here in Toowoomba, a few weeks ago, I came home from a difficult meeting to be met with a little blue wren in my hallway. Aren’t I lucky!


Jenny Rutsch from Freeasabyrd says

Christine, that is indeed something special! And they are such beautiful little birds.
I have a soft spot for the common ‘garden variety’ sparrow. They are small and don’t look like much, but I enjoy their energetic, chirpy ‘cheerfulness’. I have sometimes had groups of them land in my garden flitting around, chirping loudly and excitedly as if they are on their way to some fantastic party. And, they also eat the worms on my plants!


Sarah from EdenKitsch says

Swans hold a special place in my heart ~ so graceful & romantic, stylish in any form … even a totally kitsch piece like this … 🙂


Starry from Starzyia says

This beautiful blue kingfisher is actually a vintage Australian postage stamp from 1979, and makes a beautiful gift for proud Aussie, holiday souvenir, gift for someone born or married in 1979 – how unique!


A song for National Bird Week.


I love showy peacocks. Their stately demeanor coupled with their totally over the top feather displays strike me as quite incongruous. I love that! So this bracelet is my homage to those delightful blue and green feather eyes.


The fabric on these baby carrier strap covers feature little pink and blue birds.


We have lots of Crimson and Eastern Rosellas in the garden, they are so eye catching with their beautiful bright colours.


Pip Sutton from HummingbirdIsland says

I love Toucans, they are so quirky looking!


My latest listing of handprinted cards using real feathers. Each card is therefore unique and one of a kind.


I am not typically drawn to owls but I fell in love with this fabric. I think that it is the simple design and beautiful colours.


Living in the Dandenong Ranges, we see many Lyrebirds scratching around in the soil near our house. Even better is when you get a chance to hear them sing their full repertoire that is so diverse and entertaining. These are my Lyrebirds that I developed recently for the National Wool Museum and are now available in my Etsy shop. I loved the modern copper wire and elegant tail shape so much that I decided to sell as a pair for a wedding cake topper.


Gorgeous gift for a mother who loves birds. A gift to display with pride and a gift to treasure!


We handcraft feathers using recycled bicycle tubes and turn them into earrings and necklaces. It’s our little way of hopefully saving some beautiful wee birds from being plucked for fashion.
When making the feathers I’ll often sit outside with my friends the King Parrots, who pop by each day in hope that one day I’ll weaken and feed them – perhaps they enjoy my company as much as I do theirs? Maybe, just maybe, that’s why they visit. 🙂


Sue from pinkneonvintage says

a nice little print for any bird lover.


Ina from InaSudjana says

Here’s a little birdie from my shop…
This bag tag was made as part of my collaboration with another Etsy shop : Piggledee. A zipper pull to match with Piggledee’s bags. What lovely colour match though…


I love all different sorts of birds, and have my own flock of 15 chickens, so in my book that makes me a bird lover. I like to make things featuring birds as I think they are a happy depiction.


Owls are one of my favourite birds, and when I found this Joel Dewberry fabric not only did I make a quilt out of it, but a handbag too 🙂


I make a range of native bird nesters. A small one is below :). The nesters are designed to hang in your garden where native birds will take the fibre for their nest building. Once they find the nester, the birds visit often. The fibre is opened by using a picker so that it is easy for the birds to remove.


You can see doves in my linen favor bags…
Love doves!


I love painting birds. Here’s a colourful Australian native that I spotted near Melbourne last Christmas. He’s a beautiful pink and grey galah (rose-breasted cockatoo). The painting’s title is “Fly By” and is based on a photograph I took from a moving car — but don’t worry, I wasn’t driving.


WOW- what an amazing array of bird themed gift ideas … a great guide with Christmas not far away!


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