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#makeforgood – Why are the Wandarrah’s teamies getting involved?

Morning friends!

Today is the first in a series of post’s about why some of our amazing teamies have decided to get involved in the EtsyAU/Plan International Australia campaign #makeforgood. You can find all our teamies items for this amazing fundraising event here.

I asked the question “Why did you decide to join the #makeforgood campaign?” and here are a few of our member’s responses, starting with our team Captain, Cat.

musthavebeenthecat‘The #makeforgood project is a wonderful way to help make a difference in the lives of young women. By raising funds to help support them in creating a better life I’m helping them to lift themselves out of poverty and their dependence on men who often mistreat them and prevent them from bettering themselves.

I strongly believe that all girls deserve the chance to follow their dreams and be the best they can be and by participating in the #makeforgood “Because I Am A Girl” campaign I can help them on their journey to a better life and achieving their dreams.’ – Cat, Must Have Been The Cat

Foiling Star

‘I joined the #makeforgood campaign because I strongly believe in helping women and girls, whose lives are so different to my own. Our donations are being used to help Cambodian women start their own small business and consequently, lift themselves, their family and their community, out of poverty. I love the idea of using my own small business to help these women. When families have more money, they can afford to send their children and girls in particular to school. I believe education is the single most important way to improve girl’s lives, their level of poverty and their rights. It’s a privilege to be involved in this campaign.’ – Alison, Foiling Star.


‘My husband and I were finding it increasingly difficult to choose holiday gifts for those who already have everything they need. So, over the past few years, we have been giving donations gifts to some of our friends and family. Gifts that are associated health and education, that empower girls and women to overcome poverty are our favourite to give. When the #makeforgood campaign was announced, it just seemed natural for us to participate and be a part of. We are grateful for this opportunity to create items in our shop that give hope, and can help improve the lives of girls and women. We sincerely feel that together, we can make a difference.’ – Anita, Echidna Art and Cards.

winterowls‘When I read about the #makeforgood project between Etsyau and Plan International, I wanted to be part of it. My grandmother, a beautiful, clever twelve year old, had to leave school in the 1930’s when her father died. She had to support her mother and little brothers by working in a cardboard box factory, which was not her dream. I want to help give girls an opportunity to have some control over their lives, some choices. The moon and the stars print was painted especially for this project. I wish I could give all children the moon and the stars. Especially girls, in my grandmother’s memory.’ – Jennifer, Winter Owls.


‘I loved the challenge of making something that represented a cloud with a silver lining. Since learning more about the campaign I now have another more important reason and that is to help like-minded young girls do what I am able to do in this relatively free country, which is to be able to put an idea into action to start up a small business. We are so lucky in Australia, even the poorest of poor person is able to start up some sort of little home business because we have so much financial assistance. But in other countries it just isn’t that easy. My silver lining cloud purse has been made from discarded leather. To create something beautiful and functional out of it is like giving it a second chance. Just like giving financial assistance to female entrepreneurs in less fortunate countries so they too can have a second chance.’ Anita, Myclectic.


3 thoughts on “#makeforgood – Why are the Wandarrah’s teamies getting involved?

  1. It’s wonderful to know that many EtsyAu sellers have joined the #makeforgood campaign, and even more heartwarming to find out the reasons behind their participation. I hope this will help many women and girls live a better life.

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  2. It’s been really inspiring to be part of this project and to see so many other Australian Etsians take part too. I’ve particularly enjoyed seeing the clever and varied ways makers have interpreted the theme “cloud with a silver lining”. When you hear so many sad things in the world, It’s heartening to see people wanting to make a difference, to enable positive change.

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