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#makeforgood – Why are the Wandarrah’s involved?

Good morning friends!

This is our second post about why our teamies are involved with Make For Good, a fundraising effort from Australian sellers for Etsy‘s first official charity event, partnering with Plan International Australia. Visit the full Wandarrah’s #makeforgood collection here.


“I am passionate about social justice and releasing women and children from poverty. That is why I am an advocate for Compassion Australia, and also why my shop donates 10% of all sales to Compassion’s Child Survival Program. Supporting Plan’s ‘Because I am a Girl’ Campaign is a natural progression to this. I am pleased to partner with Etsy’s #makeforgood, and all the other amazing artisans, in helping to release girls and women from poverty, and to give them hope through Plan’s campaign. I made a Christmas Candle for #makeforgood as I think that the light of the flame is a symbol of hope and compassion to those who need hope in their lives. Through the sale of my candle, a woman who I will never meet, has been given hope and a helping hand through the work of Plan. I think that this is amazing and I am happy to be a very small part of this.” – Janine, Allsorts Of Soaps.

arabella blossoms

“Some of my most treasured memories are of traveling and learning about other cultures. Highlights have been learning about their history, food, design and creative skills. But learning of some communities’ lack of everyday necessities is always humbling. In my professional and private life I have been an advocate of equal opportunities. However, it is equally important to empower all to be educated and be provided with opportunities to enhance the particular skills they possess. For that reason ‘Make For Good’ provides another avenue for us to help improve the lives of others by contributing a percentage of our sales from our Etsy creations.” – Heather, Arabella Blossoms.


“Studio Katinka was excited to be part of the Etsy #makeforgood
campaign as Plan International’s Because I am a Girl cause is such an
important campaign. The idea of working to a brief was exciting as
this made me think outside the square and create something a bit
different to my normal range. It was also great to be part of a larger
project and see how everyone else attacked the brief. I enjoyed
learning about and using sterling silver and a jeweler’s saw to
create shapes either in my normal aluminum or silver. I hope to be
able to include these techniques in my future range.” – Katinka, Studio Katinka

 Fluffy Santa Cards
“I’m excited to be part of #makeforgood to help women in countries like Cambodia to better their world by being able to create their own business, just like I have here in Australia. After seeing the things that some of the women helped by Plan have gone through before they got a chance to change their world, I couldn’t say no to being part of this campaign.” – Kelly, Colourscape Studios.

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