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Make For Good – Stocking Stuffers

Morning friends!

Well, it’s that time of the year when we start thinking about stocking stuffers and Kris Kringle/Secret Santa gifts, so why not do some good with it and make a purchase from the #makeforgood collection! We’ve got gifts for under $10, 15 and $20 here for you today, if you’ve got a higher budget, go check out the full collection here.

Here are some gorgeous gifts for under $10:

Perfect for the stationery lover, this set of 30 mismatched gift tags from 3 Girls and A Goat will brighten up their snail mail and gifts for the year ahead.
This keep card from Fluid Ink Letterpress is a fantastic piece of art that can be given as a greeting card, but then framed as a small artwork afterwards! Such a clever idea, especially for the traveler on your list.
This cute little fabric ring is made from leftover fabric remnants, nothing goes to waste over at Blue Sky Moments. Perfect for the person who likes things casual but different to the rest!

Gifts under $15:

Kazzycaboodles is a very clever lass, she goes out and fossicks for the stones she then makes into one of a kind jewellery pieces. She’s added a bit of sparkle to these ones by dipping them in silver paint as well.
This coin purse is made from upcycled old bed linen, and is silver lined on the inside. Perfect to use as reusable gift wrapping for gift cards and smaller items as well!
This adorable cloud paperweight will make the perfect gift for the fellow office worker. Hand painted and sealed, each one is unique!

Gifts Under $20:

She Believed She Could So She Did necklace, the perfect gift for someone who has gone through hard times and come out on top.


The clever folks at Tread and Pedals have come up with this brilliant way of upcycling old bicycle spokes, and that’s by turning them into bracelets! A great, modern piece of jewellery, perfect for someone who loves the minimalist style.
Foiling Star
The intricate work that goes into these Angel Wings is beyond anything I have ever seen (I’ve bought one and gifted it so I’ve seen them firsthand). They are hand cut and then hand embossed (freehand!) so each wing is one of a kind.

Check out the collection for the full range of #makeforgood items available!


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