The Wandarrah Files

The Wandarrah Files: TLHInspired

Hello lovelies!

Today I’m so happy to bring you the first in our series of The Wandarrah Files, interviews with teamies about what makes them tick, and why they love doing what they do! The interviews are conducted by Anita, from myclectic.

For our first interview, please meet Tina of TLHInspired.


1. What is the first thing you EVER made? 
 My first silver piece was a simple belcher bracelet which took me 3 weeks to make because the silver kept melting due to poor flame control.
2. Do you come from a creative family?
Yes, I come from a very creative, crafty family. Over the years we have experimented with different techniques and mediums. Currently Mum is sewing, knitting and crocheting while Dad is experimenting with framing. My sister is learning wire wrapping and I have found my niche with lapidary and silversmithing.
3. How long have you had an Etsy shop?
I am a newbie to Etsy having only opened my shop last month. (December 2015)
4. Would you say your work has changed or improved since you started? In what way?
My work has improved immensely since I started. I am always pushing my skills to the limit. Learning new techniques to incorporate into my designs, while combining old with the new. My work consistently changes as new inspiration strikes me and my designs change to suit, currently it is circles.
5. Who is your absolute favourite designer/artist? 
Two people who have a great influence on my work are Stephen O’Keeffe and Jinks McGrath. Both of these jewellery craftsmen have published many a book on tools and techniques relating to jewellery making.
6. Where do you gain inspiration for your work?
The biggest influence in my work is Nature and the Elements. Most of my work tends to gain it’s inspiration from Nature’s elements of water, wind and fire. At the moment I have a fascination with water casting and every result is so very different.  The pieces achieved from this technique then have a major influence on the completed piece.
7. Do you reduce, reuse or recycle as part of your creative process?
Yes, one of my favourite design elements is cast pieces. (not commercial cast but freedom cast or cuttlefish cast) I create these pieces by melting scrap silver and casting in the chosen medium of the time. The results of this process are not predictable which is what makes it so fascinating for me.
8. What is your studio space like? 
Creative chaos, better known as messy is how I would describe it.
9. Do you have a favourite thing to make?
Unique one off jewellery pieces using the water casting method.
10. How did your Etsy shop name come about?
TLH are my initials followed by the word inspired because it is one of my favourite words.
11. Where do you see your creative journey taking you in the next 12 months?
My creative journey will continue to be about discovery and learning. I plan to learn how to set faceted stones and to experiment with foam folding of metals. I plan to visit Italy mid year which I believe will bring a new influence into my work with different inspiration derived from history and culture.
12. Do you have a Favourite quote?
Magic is believing in yourself. If you can do that, you can make anything happen.
13. What is your favourite handmade item that you have ever bought?
It would have to be a hand painted mandala that I purchased while traveling through Nepal. It had been hand painted at a Tibetan art school and trained under the influence of the Dalai lama. As a master this artist used 9ct gold leaf and the painting has exceptional detail.
14. Why do you craft?
I craft for two reasons:
1 – It satisfies my soul (if I am not creating I get agitated and cranky)
2 – It is a way of relaxation. Maybe even a form of meditation. I forget the world, my troubles and live in the moment.
Thanks so much for being part of the Wandarrah Files Tina!
Myclectic is my way of creating beauty from nothing. A vision becomes a reality through experimentation and then a prototype is born. Every item in my shop is uniquely handmade from scratch by me. My favourite medium is ‘used leather’.

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