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Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas

valentines dayFun and easy paper crafts for Valentine’s Day!


Heart gift tag

Collect your materials:
– Cardstock, scissors, washi tape, hole punch, cotton twine

– Draw or trace a heart-shape onto a sheet of cardstock and cut it out
– Lay strips of washi tape across the front of the shape
– Turn over and trim the excess off
– Punch a hole and thread with cotton twine
– Ready to write a little message and add to a gift for someone special!


Heart rosette

Collect your materials:
– Cardstock or paper, scissors, adhesive, blank card

– Draw or trace a heart-shape onto a sheet of cardstock and cut it out
Tip: Fold paper first, draw half the shape and then cut through folded paper to make the heart shapes symmetrical.
– Add adhesive to one side of the heart shape
– Attach to the front of the card and then work in a circle to add the
other ‘petals’ of the rosette
Tip: Practice the positioning of the petals on the card before
sticking them into place.


Heart garland

Collect your materials:
– Paper, scissors, staples

– Cut the paper into narrow strips approx 2-3cm wide and 20cm long
Tip: you could use magazine pages, coloured paper or scrapbook papers
– Fold each strip of paper in half
– Take one strip of folder paper, curve the ends around to make a heart shape
– Insert the V of the next paper strip between the ends and staple into place
– Continue the same way to add more heart shapes.
– On the last heart, staple the curved ends together.
– Your garland is ready to hang.

Have a happy Valentine’s Day!!


Use #awvalentinesday to share your creations on social media and they might be shared on our social media channels!


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