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New Autumn Items from Team Etsy Shops – Take One

March is the first month of Autumn so I asked team members if they had any Autumn themed items in their store. They could be directly related to Autumn or simply feature colours and textures of Autumn.

The response was overwhelming so they will be published in a series of posts, and here is the first!!

The colours and textures in the large wood agate gemstones give this necklace a real autumn feel.


Katrina from BygoneAllure says

This attractive Sterling Silver Ring features a good sized Carnelian Stone that exudes lovely warm reddish orange hues.


Inspired by Autumn


Tina from TLHinspired says

The inclusion of copper behind the racing lady gives this pendant warmrh & autumn hues.


Inspired by the earthy colours of a Vintage Polynesian fabric bag made by a fellow Wandarrah member Grey Little Mouse, I decided to sew a peacock using only these gorgeous brown and gold colours. The results were striking.


‘Cathedral Junction’ is my ink and watercolour drawing of the Christchurch tram in autumn. A few yellow, orange, and softly green leaves are still clinging to the tree as the tram driver returns from his coffee break.


I met a lady one fine day and we started chatting and just before we part ways, she gave me this autumn coloured leaves fabric. I made it into this journal cover. She is a fabric fairy 🙂


This oak leaf monoprint with warm hues of autumn is created with real leaves, with their details captured in a one-of-a-kind original artwork.


Julia from juliaheartfelt says

Autumn my favourite season!
I love the vibrant colours of the fallen leaves.
The flashes of gold and copper silk in this wrap reminds me of the those moments when the suns rays filter through the leaves on a gorgeous Autumn morning.


Well, that’s a wrap (if you’ll excuse the pun) for this week…. stay tuned for more Autumnal items from team shops next week 🙂


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