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For the Arts and Crafts Mum

Week Two of our Mother’s Day features and today we’re bringing you some beautiful craft supplies and home storage ideas for the Mum who likes to get her craft on!


Hemptique trio from Hobby Hoppers

You may remember that we’ve had the lovely ladies of Hobby Hoppers on the blog a few months back sharing their awesome lollipop card tutorial, well they’ve recently had a restock and now have a massive amount of rainbow colours that you can turn into all sorts of things, from lollipop cards to lighting fixtures!


Owl Sock Doll PDF Pattern from Sew In The Moment

If your Mum is more of a sewer, then maybe one of Mim’s PDF patterns will keep her entertained! Created from socks, these little owls will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Spots Paint Brush Roll from EJCDezines

If your Mum loves to paint then a paint brush roll might be the perfect gift, and May Ling has a fantastic range of prints and colours available. I’m rather a fan of the spotty design above!



10 pack of 3cm felt balls from Azalea Cottage Craft

Dom and Lana sell these beautiful felt balls perfect for baby mobiles, necklaces, coasters, and a whole host of other goodies (do a search on Pinterest if you’ve got about a week to scroll through all the amazing creations)! If Mum loves to bring a pop of colour to a space, is handy with a glue gun or a needle and thread, then this might be the perfect add on gift!


marigold mountain
16 Handmade Recycled Paper Sheets from Marigold Mountain

Lastly, a gorgeous set of 16 pages of recycled paper could be used for a myriad of crafty pursuits, as well as making a gorgeous page of paper for the Mum who is a part of the #snailmail movement!


Back next Thursday with another fantastic collection for Mum!


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