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New Autumn Items from Team Etsy Shops – Take Three

March is the first month of Autumn so I asked team members if they had any Autumn themed items in their store. They could be directly related to Autumn or simply feature colours and textures of Autumn.

The response was overwhelming and as a result they have been published in a series of posts. The first two can be seen HERE and HERE, and this is number three! Enjoy:-)

Karen from BaytreeStudio says

I love the contrast of the leaf green and oranges of autumn and the many shades inbetween. This beanie reminded me of the last vibrant colours before trees become bare and skies become grey. I love to wear bright colours like this to cheer me through winter and get me through until Spring. The rib beanie style is very versatile for wearing out during any activity.


Things we love about autumn … cooler weather and homemade soup with crusty bread. These little lidded ramkins are just the thing.


I think the colours within these 3 prints depict exactly what Autumn is all about. The Yellow, Orange and Reds are all part of the Autumn rainbow.


The colours of fading leaves and a warm cat draped around your neck 🙂


Earthy and jewel tones mixed in this bead bracelet, with cute leaf charms, make it perfect as a Boho Autumn accessory.


I have an Autumn leaves sleep mask:


This larger zip bag features the Fruits of Autumn (and the vegetables too).

The autumn harvest is such a rewarding time in the garden and the lingering smell of preserves and pickles in the kitchen evokes the nostalgia of times past.


Lovely warm colours for Autumn-brown, green and detailed little leaves.


This piece throws a wonderful colour pattern in orangey autumn tones. Very warm feeling piece for the change of season.


Beautiful bright wide eyed OWL decorative pillow,white faced owl, of pinks, and deep shades of reds of Autumn.



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