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For the Floral Loving Mum

Today an eclectic mix of home decor, art and accessories, all featuring unique floral prints and patterns.

Pink Lotus Botanical Print from Not Just Tea Towels

Julie creates these beautiful botanical illustration prints (from her own original work) that will bring colour to any space. Also available on greeting cards and tea towels, her work covers plant life found in North Queensland around her home in Cairns and are drawn front the actual flowers and plants, not just a photo.


Ceramic Sculptural Crystal Glazed Form by Sunbird Pottery

Jan creates amazing ceramics, from mugs and wool bowls, to these beautiful sculptural pieces. In this piece, she’s replicating a tulip flower opening and it’s done with her gorgeous crystal glaze. I own one of Jan’s mugs and the glaze…. oh the glaze. I love it.


Floral Hot/Cold Flat Cat Rice Bag from Must Have Been The Cat

Cat’s gorgeous hot/cold rice packs will soothe away the aches and pains for Mum, and they look totally adorable while doing so. With a rainbow of colours and patterns (plus several other animals) in her collection, there’s something for every Mum!


Antique Demitasse Cup from Cat and the Bird

Natalie curates a beautiful range of vintage home decor items and this demitasse cup would make a gorgeous addition to your Mum’s antiques collection… or for her to have a special cup of tea in!


Floral necklaces from Belle Babette

Lastly, Mary creates beautiful pieces of jewellery, including this trio of necklaces (sold separately), in many different genres, but I do love her old style floral’s the most! Follow the link to her current range of floral pieces.

Tune in next Thursday for some last minute crafty goodness you can create for your Mum, we’re doing one for the adults to make, and one for the kids to do as well!



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