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New Autumn Items from Team Etsy Shops – Take Four

May is the last month of Autumn and back in March I asked team members if they had any Autumn themed items in their store. They could be directly related to Autumn or simply feature colours and textures of Autumn.

The response was overwhelming and as a result they have been published in a series of posts. The first three can be seen HERE and HERE and HERE, and this is the final instalment – number four! Enjoy:-)

Nari from NariDesignPot says

Gold, brown, green and maroon…. a clay, fabric, seed bead and felt autumn bracelet to wear with a gypsy heart


Sue from ZozannaCeramics says

The Leaves are starting to turn to golden and rust but summer is not willing to leave just yet.
This delicate porcelain pendant is decorated with iron oxide and a turquoise green, food safe, high fired glaze.


I love the colours of Autumn and I love the simple lines and bold colours of mid-century Scandinavian art so have combined them in this illustration.


Kaz from kazzycaboodles says

I always think that the softer maroon / browny pink tones of raw garnet reminds me of autumn.

Phillip and Majella from ExquisiteGem says

Love the warm autumn leaf tones of these gems 🙂


With autumn approaching, interior decor changes can be made to give a cosy feel for the cooler seasons. This lovely 1940s autumnal pottery piece is perfect for a mantel or shelf, arranged with foliage or berries


This is a leaf from the liquid amber in my garden. I fall in love with the colours it produces every year ranging from green to orange, red and rust brown.


I like the Autumn tones of the butterflies on my candle packaging. It reminds me of a farewell to the butterflies of Summer and Welcome to the rustic tones of Autumn.


Gorgeous days, clean and crisp air, cool nights and stunning foliage. Autumn is such a beautiful season – it’s hard not to be inspired! This sterling silver oak leaf pendant is a classically autumnal piece with just a touch of whimsy. Suitable for work or play, this necklace would be great addition to your Autumn collection.


Kate from WarbyWares says

In the morning the sun is up early, but the evenings shorten and the light becomes more golden, sooner. In the Australian bush, leaves do not fall from trees but this distinctive change in light can be observed. The wildflowers – dried from the seemingly endless summer heat which does eventually end – start dropping seed to germinate with next season’s rain. A peaceful, knowing quiet is felt as nature prepares for the cooler weather.


Autumn tones – with gold and reds – my favourite time of the year.

Shona B from BlueSkyMoment says

This autumn-hued brooch looks fabulous against neutral or warm tones. It makes use of vintage buttons with many previous seasons of life behind them.


These terrracotta clay earrings encapsulate the warm toasty feel of Autumn and would compliment any Autumn outfit!


And that’s a wrap for our Autumn series – if you haven’t visited the previous posts be sure to do so, and happy shopping 🙂


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