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Pantone Winter Colours 2016

Its coming up to Winter here in Australia and I asked team members if they had any items in their shop that captured the Pantone colour palette for Winter 2016

Here’s what Pantone have to say about the Winter trend:

“With global fashion trends less constrained by rigid colour rules and consumers delighting in colour expression, our desire for winter colour is flourishing. Reflecting our optimistic feelings about the future, colour statements for autumn/winter 15/16 are confident; gradually moving from wispy, negligible shades to more intense tones and stronger colour bursts, highlighting some more classic tones along the way. Even black – that safe winter standby is tinted with colour. So whether you are looking for ethereal neutrals, phosphorescent brights, celadon shaded greens or ceremonial reds full of richness and warmth, PANTONEVIEW winter 2016 will enable you to playfully Engage with colour without the commercial risk.”

Here’s what team members had to say:

This necklace reflects the Pantone Winter Colour Palette.
I have used strong colours and large, bold gemstones in this chunky necklace.
A perfect accessory to cheer you up on a cold winter’s day.


A confident color statement in this Frida Kahlo artwork using the key colors of red and green.


Kate from WarbyWares says

My handspun pure wool cowl picks up on the gorgeous tones of blue, salmon and coral. It’s soft and perfect for this time of year as we approach the last week of Autumn.


Emma Kay from EmmaKayInks says

I think this is the item of mine that most reflects the colour palette is this one. This is actually a little different from my usual palette, a bit darker. I was trying out some new colours that I had never used before. I wonder if I was influenced by the colder weather where I live in the Blue mountains?

il_570xN.953230204_rcyg (1)

Hanna Maryam from hanakrafts says

The cool blues and intense corals of these envelopes will be perfect for presenting monetary gifts, vouchers or gift cards to your loved ones this winter!


My shop is all about colour because I understand the power of colour. Add colour to any room in your home or to a boring plain outfit and you will give it an instant lift because colour equals energy. Especially in winter when it is gloomy and grey outside adding colour to a room can turn it into an inviting space where you will want to relax and unwind. Add colour to your outfit and you will be the centre of attraction. Such is the power of colour. It is mood lifting and energising. So here is my item to bring energy to your favourite room in the house. If you are looking to add colour to your outfit then head to my store and trust me you will not be disappointed.


Wendy and Annette from KororaCrafters says

The greens and blues of the 2016 pantone are my favourites. This little tea cosy will brighten up your breakfast cup of tea.


Nissa Del from BIGOUDIBIGOUDA says

The winter Pantone is colourful, flashy. It’s not usual.
So that’s why I’ve added my mask.


Meg from TigsTogs says

This knitted infinity scarf and beanie set truly is full of richness and warmth . My favourite colour is this rich red and I designed this scarf in a garter stitch for a relaxed understated look because it is all about the colour . I used two strands of pure new wool so that the scarf would be extra thick and warm . The pom pom beanie matches perfectly but you can buy the items separately too . Perfect for those wintry days when you want to stand out from the crowd by avoiding black .


Helen from RockmyResin says

This ring reflects the green in the Pantone winter colour palette. A nice olivey green with some added gold & copper leaf to add a bit of sparkle to a chilly winters day 🙂


Karen from BaytreeStudio says

Pantone calls it Iced Coffee but it could also be, Latte, Milk Coffee or Fawn. They all sound much more warm and inviting than Beige. Be snug and warm this winter in this soft, thick scarf. For those who cannot wear wool, this acrylic scarf is a lovely option. A beautiful neutral colour to mix and match with your bolder colours.


Katrina from BygoneAllure says

This Retro German Vase / Jug is a piece full of expression.
The gold painted mouth and handle of the jug meet with black and purple / violet that web down the vase with joins of gold against a creamy background.
It’s fabulously coloured and on one hand Arty and Abstract looking but on closer reflection the colour and design have been achieved through considerable skill.


Julia from juliaheartfelt says

As the season changes from Autumn to Winter I love to wander through our wonderful Aussie bushland.
I am always in awe of the subtle grey and green tones of the eucalyptus leaves. In this light warm silk and superfine merino wool scarf my vision was to capture a little piece of that beauty not only with the colour but also with the scattering of felted leaves that dangle from each end.


I’m a big believer in strong colour bursts and red is one of those colours I think can do the job in just about any situation. This print would bring that pop of colour needed on shorter days when the sun’s not filling the room with light.


WOWSA – what a collection of Pantone inspired products – something for everybody’s tastes and desires!! Happy shopping 🙂


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