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Featured Seller: Add A Splash Of Colour

Happy Friday friends!

Edna from Add A Splash Of Colour has been with the Wandarrah’s for quite a while now, and she creates colourful handbags and home decor items. Her shop is full of colour and energy, and now having seen her “why” (which you’ll get to in a sec) I love all that colour even more!

Edna - Spash of colour 3

* Can you please tell us a little about yourself and about your Etsy journey so far?

I was born in Sri Lanka and grew up in Colombo with my aunt, whom I call my mother. She was a dressmaker, hence I learned to sew by watching her. This also gave me the opportunity to learn about fabrics and fashion. Whilst I love sewing and fashion, my main passion is with embroidery, hence I try my best to incorporate it into the items I make. Embroidery is time-consuming, but I find it to be therapeutic. I’ve always been a creative, hands-on person. In fact, I created a hat with balloons for my son’s “Easter hat” parade when he was five years old, and this helped him win first place.

I migrated to Australia in 1996 after my marriage in 1995. Australia is my home now, and I love it, but I miss colour in winter. During winter everything turns grey and gloomy, which I find to be depressing, hence I love to add a touch of colour by accessorising my home and my outfit with colourful (but not gaudy) items. In 2002, my husband underwent brain surgery to remove a benign brain tumour, which was one of the lowest points in my life. Due to my husband’s surgery, and since I had to care for my baby son, I could not return to work, and this eroded my confidence.

In 2013, when my family encouraged me to open my Etsy shop, I was hesitant because making handmade items as gifts is one thing, but selling is another. However, the last two and a half years with Etsy has been a huge boost to my confidence and has re-ignited my passion for sewing and embroidery. Thanks to all those who bought my items, and thanks to those who left positive feedback, I have decided to work full time this year. When I opened my shop I was unsure of what people wanted, but based on comments, sales and feedback I now have a clear idea. My Etsy journey has not been easy, but what I’ve learned is that if a person is willing to work hard and understand their customers, it can be successful. For me, my Etsy shop is not just an outlet to make money, but it is also a place where I get to be with like-minded people and pursue my passion at the same time.

Edna - Spash of colour 1

* What was the inspiration behind your treasury?

The shapes and the colours of the leaves were my inspiration. I wanted to showcase all those items that make us realise that beauty is not just in flowers, but they can also be in leaves.

* Your treasury collection was a wonderful mix of coloured leaves, covering all the seasons, so which season is your favourite and why?

I have two favourite seasons, and they are autumn and spring. Apart from the fact that they give us the best weather, it is also a time for colour. In autumn, drivers sometimes have to toot for me to move on because I am so focused on the beauty of the autumn leaves that I lose focus of the traffic lights! I love the colours they create, especially when they cover our footpaths with an array of colours, and when an entire tree turns into shades of red, it is hard not to be mesmerised. Then in spring, the very same trees blossom and create an absolute spectacle. Such is the beauty of nature.

Edna - Spash of colour 2

* Which is your least favourite season and why?

Winter is my least favourite season because it is grey and gloomy. Also, most of us wear black outfits to retain our body heat which does little to lift our mood. However, we can change this by accessorising our outfits and our homes with colourful items and plants, as shown in my treasury. Colour can add energy and it is a great mood lifter. Add a few colourful plants and pillow covers to your living room and it will give an instant lift and create an inviting place where you will want to relax and unwind after a hard day’s work. A drab outfit can turn glamorous by adding a touch of colour.

* Outside of making/sourcing your product, what do you do for fun?

Since the great outdoors is my favourite place, I like gardening, playing badminton with my son, bird watching and photographing anything that interests me.

Edna - Spash of colour 4

* Do you have any favourite team members that you’d like to share for everyone to check out?

This is the hardest question to answer because they all make gorgeous items. It is hard to say just one is my favourite, so I’ve decided to choose two shops based on my interests.

Echidna Art and Cards:
I love Anita’s nature photographs and her focus on detail. There is something for everyone.

Elandra Designs:
Bev creates classic, contemporary and colourful jewellery that is great for any occasion. They can turn an outfit from drab to glam.



Thanks so much for playing along Edna! Sellers, if you’re interested in being featured, please visit the team threads and find the challenge thread for more details.


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