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Australian Wandarrah celebrates Etsy Craft Party 2016 with a Craft Party Challenge

Today we celebrate Etsy Craft Party 2016. You can join in and win a prize by voting for your favorite entrant in our challenge.

To celebrate Etsy Craft Party 2016 we issued a challenge to our team members to:

  • create an item 10cm x10cm x less than 2cm so it will be able to be posted letter rate
  • the item should speak to us of your creative style and represent something about you
  • it can be in any medium

We have 10 entrants who have created a variety of amazing items. Please vote for your favorite entry below.

Entrants in our Craft Party Challenge
Entries in our Craft Party Challenge


Adelyn from AdelynMakes entered this beautiful painting titled “Let the music begin”. Adelyn says “My painting is titled “Let the music begin” and was a finalist in the New Talents category of the Etsy Awards. It evokes sight and sound of brass instruments, bubbles and confetti. The painting is about happiness and joy. It is about dancing to a brass band at a wedding, It is about play time in the bath with musical toys. It is about confetti at a street parade.”

Let the music begin

Chris from ChrysArtGlass entered a beautiful hand felted pouch. Chris says “My creation is a little hand felted pouch with some embroidery and a lampwork glass bead to fasten.”

Hand felted purse
Hand felted pouch

Kelly from ColourscapeStudios made this beautiful card with the inspiring quote “She believed she could so she did”, Kelly says “I created this piece of mini art that can be framed or pinned to an inspirations board. “She believed she could so she did” encompasses what I feel about our community of makers and sellers; a strong determined mindset to reach their goals whatever they may be.”

She believed she could so she did
She believed she could so she did


Dawn from DeeDeeDesigns created an amazing necklace from up-cycled bottles. Dawn says “I am very big on recycling and repurposing, so in the spirit of the craft party I have created a necklace with beads made from up-cycled plastic soda water bottles. Since the items had to a 10 x 10 x 2cm footprint, I also made a gift box of this size to accompany the necklace.”

Up-cycled plastic soda water bottle necklace
Up-cycled plastic soda water bottle necklace


Anita from EchidnaArtandCards submitted this cute mixed media Squirrel.  Anita says “It is a mixed media piece with paper and acrylic on canvas board. The squirrel is a print of a drawing I made as a Christmas card, years ago in Year 10. It says something about me as squirrels run abound in the country where I was born, Canada. Purple is my favourite colour, which is used in some of the lines in the background.”

Mixed media squirrel
Mixed media squirrel

Michelle Emma Kay from EmmaKayInks entered this amazing ink illustration of popcorn. Michelle Emma Kay says “The design is based on the form of popcorn. Have you ever noticed that like snowflakes and fingerprint, every piece of popcorn is unique? The drawing is done by hand, it’s and original, not a print, so it is slightly different every time it’s drawn. I used the best quality, archival, fade resistant pigment ink on a 3m post it note.”



Robyn from RobynFayeDesigns created this amazing fabric art coaster of Taranaki in New Zealand. Robyn says “I made this to be a usable piece of art, it’s a small coaster.
This is meant to depict my birth place Taranaki, NZ. The mountain, ranges, fresh cold water streams and bird life all pictured here in my favourite medium – fabric. My parents, sisters, brother and their families are all there so its a wonderful place for me.”


Fabric Art Coaster, Taranaki NZ
Fabric Art Coaster, Taranaki NZ


Carolyn from SmallHungryHeart made an Australian & New Zealand Map notebook. Carolyn says “Once upon a time, I studied environmental and waste management. So I got very much into being green and recycling. And the most easily accessible source of crafting materials for a poor student like me was my home recycling bin. I started paper crafting with junk mail, envelope paper, cereal cardboard boxes and any other paper I came across. And that’s how I came to do simple book-binding and playing around with paper Eventually, I graduated to thrifting paper supplies at op-shops and I tracked down recycled paper to use for my shop. And that’s how my shop came to be.”


Australian & NZ notebook
Australian & NZ notebook


Samantha from TinyPerfectWorld created a darling micro-weave wall hanging. Samantha says “This micro-weave is basically me in a wall hanging. Its a little bit formal, a little bit unruly, basically neutral with a few colourful touches and it plays to my love of fine details. I have always been captivated by miniatures and I’m currently obsessed with all things dollhouse-related. I have been busily designing and creating wooden doll house and barbie-scale furniture with a simple, modern aesthetic. To compliment my dollhouse furniture, I recently had a play around with creating some miniature versions of the beautiful life-size textiles I’ve seen popping up everywhere. This one is my best yet! It measures just 11cm x 5cm (not including the stick) and is made from cotton thread, embroidery thread and wool roving and is hung on a driftwood stick from the mangrove beach near my home. I made it suitable for a 1:6 scale (barbie-scale) room but it would also add a little art to an office cork board or look right at home in a box frame hung on a human-scale wall.”

Micro-weave wall hanging


Natalie from ThePaperedBox made a beautiful felt and buttons artwork. Natalie says “I love buttons, and the heart shape. I used to sew a lot but the last few years have seen me stop due to achy joints and neck/shoulder pain. I was inspired to make something special for the team challenge, using my ample supply of wool felt and buttons (no shortage of either). It is a bit over the 10cm as I mis-measured my squares. It has a folk art feel and would fit perfectly in an Ikea box frame? ”

Felt & Buttons Hearts
Felt & Buttons Hearts


Some amazing prizes have been donated for our contestants. Each contestant will  get to choose a prize in the order of most votes to least votes. So the person that gets the most votes gets first choice. Second highest number of votes gets second choice and so on.

These wonderful shops have donated prizes for us. Please visit their shops and see what amazing items they have to offer.

AdelynMakes – 20% discount

AnnaCullArt –  A set of note cards

DeeDeeDesigns –  15% Coupon

EchidnaArtandCards – $20 coupon

KazzyCaboodles – $20 voucher

MustHaveBeenTheCat – $15US voucher

MustHaveBeenTheCat – $12US voucher

MustHaveBeenTheCat – $10US voucher

RobynFayeDesigns – A combi coaster of your choice

StaceysKnitWits – $20 voucher

ThePaperedBox –  15% discount


The names of all the contestants will also go into my magic hat and this will determine who gets which item that has been created. So our contestants get a prize and one of the creations … how amazing is that!

But that’s not all … the names of all those who vote and promote this blog post will go into a draw for the remaining prize.

So to be in the draw for a prize please vote for your favorite item and promote this blog post on at least one social media channel. Then comment below to say that you have voted and where you have promoted us. Please use the tags #etsycraftparty and #australianwandarrah

*Voting closes on Saturday 25th June and the winners will be announced on Sunday 26th June 2016.










12 thoughts on “Australian Wandarrah celebrates Etsy Craft Party 2016 with a Craft Party Challenge

  1. Just voted – so hard to choose – I loved them all . I’m going to share the blog post on Instagram and it will then share that post to my personal FB page


  2. Wow – this is such a great collection. The competition will be fierce:-) I honestly think every one one of them is awesome. I’ll be sharing on Twitter and will pin and repost on my blog.


  3. Gah… guys make it so difficult when all of your entries are too awesome!!!! 🙂 Will defs be sharing on social media too! Such talented teamies! xxx 🙂


  4. What fantastic talent😊 So hard to choose just one, but after much deliberation my vote is in! I have reposted the comp to my Instagram. Good luck makers x


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