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Favourite Items from Member Shops

I asked Australian Wandarrah Team Members what is their  favourite product in their shop? I asked why it is their favourite product? Was it a joy to make, was it challenging? Are you over the moon about how it turned out? Do you love the colours? If a vintage item, was it an amazing find?

Here’s what team members had to say:

Phillip and Majella from ExquisiteGem

I love this pendant not only because it’s beautiful but because it was one of the first items where we collaborated as a team – my design, Phillip’s craftmanship. We’ve sold several copies of this pendant in both gold and silver and we’ve just made a sapphire version.


Chris Berghofer from ChrysArtGlass says

These cute Toadstools are my current favourite.
They are fun but challenging to create, and look great in a pot of succulents or a terrarium.


Melody from myVardo says

This is my favourite item in the shop at the moment! Purple and silver are some of my favourite colours and I love the combination of shapes, shades and finishes that this bracelet has. It took me quite a while to make and there were a few different designs before it felt right. I just l.o.v.e. the glamour and eclectic nature of this piece.


Michelle Emma Kay from EmmaKayInks says

In my drawings, I use particular combinations of greys and colours to create optical effects. I recently received an order from the USA and now I have all of the available colours in my chosen pigment ink pens – Faber Castel Brush Pitts. (I had to order them from the USA because quite a few colours are not in Australia.)

I’m really happy with how my latest listing ended up because I got to experiment with my new colours, combined with my old favourites and the optical effects that I was able to achieve.


Candice Holdsworth from RavenAndWren says

This distinctive Lapis Lazuli pendant is my favourite piece of the moment and the road to creating it was certainly interesting. Initially the design was for two matching bubble walled cufflinks because the pyrite specks in the lapis lazuli reminded me of treasure at the bottom of the ocean. After a misplaced hammer blow flattened a section of the bubble bezel, I had to rethink the design. I went with a more rugged look and it turned out better than I’d imagined. I enjoy this piece because it represents how even when things aren’t going to plan, all is not lost and may even result in something beautiful.
Natalie from NatcessoriesShop says

It’s hard to choose a favourite item because I love making them all, but at the moment my favourite is this Flamingo Peg Apron. I’m just loving the flamingo fabric, the pop of pink colour and whilst it takes longer to make the apron than other items in my shop, I really enjoy watching the apron take shape and the final look at the end.


I bought this fabric because of its striking colours but never imagined that it would turn out to be so beautiful. This is one of the most popular items in my shop. Those who bought it say they loved it not just for the colour but also for the design and quality. They love the way I have captured the most beautiful part of the fabric and made it the highlight of the bag. Plus the gold button gives it the designer touch. Great designers focus on the little details because that’s what makes an item unique and special and that’s what I try to achieve with every item I make.


This is one of my favourite paintings. I loved the intuitive process of how it came about. The word grow developed out of the flower image that for me symbolized my journey of growth and blossoming. The colours and overall feel for me is one of positivity and joy.


Meg from TigsTogs says

My favourite item would have to be this grey slouchy beanie . It’s the first crochet pattern I ever designed and made . I love the mixture of alpaca and wool in the Patons Jet yarn because it provides extra warmth without weight . A year later it became my first ever published pattern ( tested by my sister Deirdre ) . I love this photo that my son , Greg , took of his wife , Sarah wearing it one blustery May morning just before they drove back to Sydney with Tilda ( of baby beanie fame ) who was then only three weeks old .


An absolute favourite is so difficult but I have a group of ever changing favourite items and this Silver leaves Brooch is definitely one of them.
This Brooch is so elegant. The leaves are lightly etched and in the circle – the brooch is so lovely and would make a beautiful accent. Also, the Sterling Brooch is made by a Canadian design team, BondBoyd. So it combines Beauty and Collectibility. I think it makes a great accent and investment.


My favourite product reflects my love for the Japanese aesthetic. I first discovered these origami papers when I was a young student visiting Japan more than 20 years ago, and I fell in love with their beautiful textures and rich colours. Now, I’ve had the chance to make them into something that I hope enhances their beauty even further. These envelopes are truly unique and make for sophisticated gifts for weddings, birthdays and other special occasions.


My favourite product is this turquoise and terracotta pendant. This was an experimental technique that I tried out. When I opened the kiln I absolutely loved the way the colours and textures worked together in the final piece.


My favourite item in my shop is without a doubt my folding stool/side table. I love it because of the simple, elegant look as well as the functionality. This item has evolved over quite a time to become a fully resolved design that requires high levels of accuracy to make. I love a challenge. The process to make this has 42 steps, each one has to executed with accuracy to ensure the finished piece operates as intended.


Jan Hornett from SunbirdPottery says

This shell form has been a favourite for a long time. I think because it was so much fun and challenging to manipulate the clay into a shell form. To keep altering the shape to the limits before collapse or splitting the clay. It fired really well with only slight drooping at the top.


WOW!! I can certainly see why these are shop owners favourite products …. I am drooling!! I’m sure you’ll find some great gift ideas for upcoming birthdays, and maybe even get organised early for Christmas!!

Happy shopping 🙂


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