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July Birthstone – Ruby

Rubies, the birthstone of July, are considered the king of gems and represent love, health and wisdom. It was believed wearing a fine red Ruby bestowed good fortune on its owner. A Ruby is the most valuable gemstone and its value increases based on its colour and quality.
For more info go here:www.wixonjewelers.com/education/gemstones/birthstones/

I asked Australian Wandarrah team members if they had rubies in your store that would make great July gifts…. whether they be real rubies, faux rubies or items of this gorgeous red colour? Here’s what they had to say:

Ruby red and fiery, this Bike Gear Desk clock will add some warmth to those grey winter days and put a big smile on the dial of all who look upon it. It’s been handcrafted in the Tread & Pedals upcycling studio from recycled bicycle gears with great care, making it the perfect gift for Tour De France lovers or those who are looking for something wonderfully unique.


The striking red poppy flower on a black background stands out like a red ruby, making it the perfect gift for July. It was love at first sight for me when I saw it in the fabric store. The black string beads not only frame the flower but it also adds a touch of shine and luxury making it a great bag for an evening out with your friends. Since red poppy is the latest fashion trend Gucci has included it as part of their design collection for 2017.


Meg from TigsTogs says

I designed and crocheted this red hooded cowl modelled here by my daughter . The yarn sparkles in daylight just like a ruby . It is a combination of wool and mohair called “Spring Fling” – the colour is “Waratah” .
These scoodies (as they are known as ) are a good combination of a scarf and a hat . The pattern ( which I also sell ) is ideal for a beginner as I’ve included photos of each stage and used basic crochet stitches .


Ruby red crystal heart and floral, this Swarovski pendant necklace is simple yet chic! The heart pendant is faceted in a very stylish asymmetrical shape with a special name called ‘Devoted 2-U’. It is carefully wire wrapped and hung beneath a lovely floral stamping. The chain of the necklace is lead and nickel free natural brass. This necklace will make a sweet and romantic gift for someone special.


This bag combines my love of vintage materials. The deep red velvet and English chintz fabrics combine with cotton lace and a pretty button. I love creating one-off fabric gifts for others to enjoy.
Rubies represent love, health and wisdom and these are aspirations for how I live my daily life. I would like to think the recipient may enjoy these aspirations too πŸ™‚


A bold and classic abstract drawing featuring the primary colours, this drawing will certainly give you your bright red fix!


Melody from myVardo says

Red is the colour of fire and blood. In older times it was considered to be a sacred colour associated with Birth and beginnings. Red has also been associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power and determination as well as passion, desire and love. It holds symbolic meaning of all things intense and passionate and in some Eastern Cultures red is worn or displayed for good luck.


Rubies with black velvet. Super stylish. Even though they’re not the real thing, these 1950s earrings still look special and would finish off a classy black dress.


A bright red cap to cheer you in the winter grey. A cap with a turned-up cuff to give double thickness over the ears. Handmade using superwash merino wool in a size to fit the average adult head.


Sturt’s Desert Pea shares July with the ruby! That’s when the floral emblem of South Australia paints the desert red red red!!


What an array of July gifts available from Wandarrah shops —- no excuses now : Happy Shopping πŸ™‚


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