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Glamorous glitter

Add a bit of sparkle to your life with these fantastic glittery finds. Featuring (left to right, top to bottom).

1. Frida Kahlo Small Instant Digital Download Print by ARTDECADENCE

2. Baby Mini Glitter Hair Bows by BoutiqueLittleOnes

3. Gold Clutch Silk Purse by maplemist

4. Golden Hedgehog Pincushion by InaSudjana

5. Pink Resin Ring by RockmyResin

6. Silver Glitter Effect Stickers by WriteHere

7. Copper Metallic Bokeh Background by SharmilaWInk

8. Blue Handpainted Wooden Bead Necklace by VioletsandPoppies

9. Crochet Coffee Cosy Blue and Silver by MPGCreations.


Got any glittery items of your own? Please feel free to share in a comment below! :3


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