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The Alphabet Game

Are you a member of the Australian Wandarrah Etsy Team? The team is a great supportive team for Etsy shops throughout Australia and New Zealand. Within the team forum there are many topic threads allowing team members to share their shop items as well as ask questions about running a small business.

One of the ongoing threads within the team forum is the Alphabet thread where team members post items in turn from their shop alphabetically. This allows team members to share their items and also like and share fellow teamies items which is great for networking.

Last week I created the second POST in this series and ended with the letter ‘N’, so today we start with ‘O’. Be sure to visit some of these great stores AND of course join the team! Visit the ABOUT page on this blog for information on how to join.

O is for orange tone carnelian bar necklace.


P is for peacock pillow.


Q is for quirky!


R is for Recycled.


S is for set.


T is for tropical.


U is for undulation.


Sandra from RealitiesEndGlassArt says

V is for vintage glass.

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