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September Birthstone – Sapphire

Sapphire, the birthstone of September, is most desired in its pure, rich blue colour but is present in almost every colour including pink, yellow and green. In the Middle Ages the gem was believed to protect those close to you from harm and also represented loyalty and trust.

I asked Australian Wandarrah team members if they had items in their shop reflecting Sapphire that would make great September gifts – here s what they came up with : happy shopping 🙂

This bracelet consists of Sapphire and Turquoise gemstones.
Attributes of Sapphire are said to be kindness and sincerity.
As it is also the birthstone of September, this bracelet makes a perfect birthday gift.


Michelle Genders from AtmanArtStudio says

This is the only drawing in my shop at the moment which features only one colour! I find it hard to stay with just one colour, but I think sapphire blue can definitely hold its own. It can be both the perfect background and the star of the show.


Sapphires are incredible – ranging from lovely dark blues all the way through to yellows and greens. I’ve got some sapphire studs that showcase their raw nature:


This Bicycle Cog Desk Clock makes a great gift for the cyclist in your life – be it a Father’s Day present or to celebrate the passing of another year.


Lovely deep blue glass suncatcher


Annette and Wendy from KororaCollectors says

Sapphire blue in a vintage glass vase.
Meg from TigsTogs says

This wool blend hand knitted hat comes in a variety of colours including this stunning sapphire blue . The yarn shines a little just like a real gemstone . The beanie also has a pom pom as an added touch and would make a great September birthday gift for men or women .


Bright Blue set of 4 coasters. Perfect to add that bit of colour to any home.


I love the deep blues of this hand dyed cushion cover. It will add a great addition to the home decor.


These strap covers are such a hand gift for a new mum. They protect expensive baby carriers from wear and tear from bub sucking on the straps. The blue in the chevron pattern is so vibrant. and reminds me of a bright blue sapphire.


I love the tranquility of this print. Especially before the busy holiday season hits us, this is a reminder to slow down and take time to be still.


This is probably the closest I come to sapphire.


My fairy lights and trees themed engagement invitation is in lovely blue tones and the sapphire themes of loyalty and trust align beautifully to a couple just starting on their journey of marriage.


This Pillow Cover is made with Striking Blue Fabric with Green flower in the centre that represents the colours Sapphire hence a perfect gift for those born in September. Place it in the centre of a couch and it will look like an artwork. Definitely, will grab the attention of your guest. It was inspired by the Passion Flower. Also a great gift for those who love gardening and flowers.


What a FAB collection of September gifts – now get shopping 🙂


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